Welcome to the website of the Ponistra d.o.o. Biorine, the company founded in 1990. as family manufacturing business of PVC joinery.

Why Ponistra Biorine?


16 employers, more than 2000 m2 of closed working area and 1400m2 of enclosed open area and its good business strategy have made this company one of the most important regarding PVC joinery.


We use profiles of high quality of the German company GEALAN, which enables us to offer products of great quality and design.
PVC joinery is constantly adjusting to customer’s needs, with a wide range of profiles, colours, frames, shapes, glasses and additional equipment,with several years warranty on our products.


2-12 installments without interests
2-24 installments – consumer credit (Splitska banka)

2-6 installments without interests
24 – 60 installments – consumer credit

2-12 installments without interests
12-60 installments – consumer credit

Ponistra Biorine – quality and innovation